Aug 3, 2010

Font »Fibyngerowa«

»Fibyngerowa« is totally free font, enjoy it in your work. It is an informal grunge font, available for free download and use. Download of this grunge font for your collection. With this dirty, distressed, condensed and grungy font you can create a superb grunge design.
Inspired by B-Movie Posters and by the typography of the 1990's years. Once upon a time was a Switzerland based San serif Font. The applied process on him was next: blur, levels, blur, levels, print, scan, blur, levels, print, scan, overlapping of criminal photos, levels, create outlineas and voilá...

Usefulness of Font: Extreme Sports Branding (Snowboard, Surf, Fighting Sports etc.), Book and Comic Book Cover Designing, Magazine Layout Hedline Designing, Poster Designing, Music Band Branding and Music Band Product Package Designing, Game Console Product Branding, Movie & Entertainment Branding, Blog & Web Interface Designing, Food, Drink & Beverages Package Designing.

First published on www.DaFont: 05-17-2008.
Available: .Otf and .Ttf formats.

Font Includes: 1. Lowercase Letters / 2. Uppercase Letters / 3. Numbers / 4. Most Common Punctuations

Download »Fibyngerowa« OT Font

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